Firefox Reality

Will VR turn the internet upside down? Such an interesting statement and one as a designer and developer could become a reality. Limitations are on hardware distribution but if those are not the limitation are VR browsers the norm.

Firefox Reality is a fast and secure browser from Mozilla that is designed for browsing the open web in Virtual Reality. We have collaborated with content creators from around the globe to provide easy access to amazing VR experiences that can be enjoyed directly from Firefox Reality. Currently Available for Viveport, Oculus Go, and Google Daydream.

3D Design with Virtual Reality

This looks fun, entertaining, and where we will end up with 3D design tools. But the reality of standing for days at a time to create 3D designs tires me.

Car designers at Ford are using Gravity Sketch - a 3D virtual reality tool - to help speed up the vehicle design process. “This application has the potential to help ensure we are delivering the very best vehicle designs for our customers,” comments Smith. “It moves the entire process into the world of virtual reality, giving us greater options for reviewing more models in the 3D environment to create the best possible vehicles.”

McLaren Automotive works with software start-up, Vector Suite, to fast-track sportscar and supercar design

Immersive creativity a Vision for Future of Design

Some inspiration for designers and a reminder of how quickly the world and the way we work is evolving.

Dell, Nike, Meta and Ultrahaptics push the boundaries on immersive creativity. Today, we can deliver a more natural creative canvas so designers can focus on their vision – not the technology itself. Dell Canvas is the precursor to a future that will use VR, AR, voice control, a digital canvas and haptic technology (recreating the sense of touch) all working together to let people create in more natural ways.

Magic Carpets Interactive Installation

Interactive Generative and interactive virtual-reality installation. Magic Carpets 2016 is a giant luminous carpet projected on the floor inside of the MK Center. This carpet is made of different virtual and multicolore graphic scenes inspired by emblematic forms associated to urban landscapes in Milton Keynes which are very constructivist. The artwork beneficiates of a musical display specially created for the installation and composed by Ray Lee. The visitors will be able to carry small aluminium spheres generating the music. By using presence sensors the installation is interactive. In a visual way this fluent universe is impacted by the visitors' movements. The moves modify the elements' trajectory under the feet drawing a new composition which remains stunning. Like a giant kaleidoscope the spectator is immersed in a world of colors, moving forms and travels into an imaginary and poetic game of optical illusions.

Virtual reality doors

"If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite." 
Doors is an ongoing research work from our R&D department. Between reality and virtuality, we are playing with the feeling of perception and infinite space. In this setup we had a real time anamorphic custom software computing the perspective of the nearest person. Through a 4 channel immersive and 3D spatialized sound, people could experience and discover virtual audioreactive landscapes by simply moving in space. and

VR Journey into a Lush Polygonal Dreamscape

VR Journey into a Lush Polygonal Dreamscape. For the film Tanchum created a low-res yet lush polygonal environment with components that react to the music differently. Everything, from the movement of the camera, to the flock of salmon diving in and out of the water, to the triangulated ebbing waves, to the clouds, rain, stars, and sky react to or reflect the music and instruments used, letting you float about in an audio-reactive world awash in turquoise and magenta tones.