Motion based Interactive Installation

The Arrow of the sculpture points down, to awaken minds to check out what is going on in the Unda. It is not just about feeding on mass media and blindly doing what we're told without doing our own research, but digging deeper into life below the surface. The visuals are triggered by sound and controlled by hand gestures. I made the Tetrahedrons Origami in 3 days and wrote 1336 lines of code in one night to make this happen. Leap Motion was used for hand movements. 

TECH SESSION 002: LEAP MOTION CONTROLLED 3D VIEWER. Using Leap Motion, 3D objects can be viewed and controlled using different hand gestures - swiping, tilting and zooming. Motion Controlled 3D Viewer is ideally used for different products such as real estate buildings, cars, and other products, to give your customers a unique way to engage with your brand. Source