Electronic university interactive presentation

A panoramic projection screen controlled from multi-touch holographic platform. Using the futuristic multi-touch interface the presenter could scroll through sections to choose one he wants to speak about. With a fast hand gesture he would then throw the section's icon to the big screen where it would transform into a colorful video about the main features of the system. Technologies used: Unity3d, C#, Scaleform, Flash, AS3.

Projection Restaurant of the Future

Nervous Structure interactive installation

Notional Field is an interactive installation that consists of a wall-mounted sculpture containing hundreds of vertical and parallel lines made of elastic cord that are projected upon with a computer-generated, interactive animation of a similar number of lines. The motion of these projected lines is ruled by a simulation, which makes them act like soft ropes, and said motion is influenced by a viewer’s movements as interpreted by a computer that surveys the scene through a video camera. Thus, the physical gestures of the participant are translated into virtual forces that affect the computer-generated lines, while the physical strings of the sculpture remain motionless. The piece revolves around the idea of interface, which is interpreted as the point of contact between two different entities, and is displayed in the work in several ways: between the viewer and the piece (a human/computer interface); between the real and the virtual (the physical structure and its relationship with the projected structure); between the foreground and the background (as the projection interferes with the sculpture).

Fluxion sound and light installation

Fluxion made of circles, squares, and lights is represented by a combination of songs made of Sine waves and very short cut audio signals. The broken tiny sounds that emerge from Wagner's Siegfried Idyll, the first song, move the Fluxion's lights, which show the circular stars floating in space and twinkle. Fluxion, 2015, Sound and Light Installation | Live performance

Gmunk + TrueCar L.E.D.

The Santa Monica Pier is a magical place. The sprawling ocean. The Ferris Wheel. The sights and sounds of the people there. There’s a familiarity to it, a closeness, and this feeling is only magnified during its annual Twilight Concert Series. This concert series is all about community, and Munkowitz and the team wanted to tap into that. They wanted to bring the space to life through a lighting universe where everything is interconnected, evoking a sense of warmth and tranquility, drawing the entire audience closer together.The resulting experience is to be driven by the attendees, their participation expressed visually as data in the form of vibrant pulsing lights, creating a unified visual language that permeates through the entire pier. It’s an immersive, interactive environment that not only will make the attendees feel that they experienced something special, but that they shared something with others, too. Just as TrueCar uses user data to price cars, we use our audience’s data to drive this unique lighting experience. THE TREATMENT Our unifying theme is community, imagining vibrant images of fire and light synced with the signature sounds from the concert stage. The experience harkens back to a campfire, where we would stay warm and bonded close together in front of the flame, feeling like we were part of a larger group. This warming entity would comprise a Lighting Universe which would create one cohesive experience, with every light acting as one pulse, driven by the Centerpiece... The Centerpiece, in turn, is driven by the audience. An attendee interacts with the Centerpiece, which then pulses light and color throughout the entire installation creating a sense of warmth for the pier community.The Centerpiece is much like a beating heart, with the installation being the body all around it. The heart emanates outwards to all the other lights, setting color themes and pulse states. This will all heighten the overall vibe and feeling for the audience. But to be clear, this is not EDM, with overwhelming sensory overload. Instead, our theme will mimic the concert’s vibe. It will be a chill, warm, pleasant experience that makes you feel like you’re a part of something together. At its core, this is an audience-driven experience. Every light pulse emanates from the attendees’ data, making it a truly immersive and interactive experience for everyone participating in the Santa Monica Pier Concert Series. 

1.3 miles of pixel tape 66,000 Leds. Impressive.

Generative and Interactive Digital Installation

Miguel chevalier's digital arabesques adapt to visitors' movements. Miguel chevalier was influenced by moroccan culture when creating ‘digital arabesques 2015′, a generative and interactive installation shown in association with four french institutes in morocco. the work recreates moroccan artistic traditions with a digital medium, creating massive sensor-controlled carpets of light. multicolored digital scenes compose patterns reminiscent to the art of zelliges, arabesques, mosaics, and the world of mashrabiya–latticework. 

Sophisticated geometrical patterns create a scene that forms and deforms in a living, constantly renewing environment. when viewers interact with the piece they create disturbances–monitored by infrared sensors–that radiate through the patters and form unpredictable compositions.

3D Floating Face Watches While You Gamble

Using 2.1 million multicolor LEDs placed in a box structure to create a three-dimensional appearance when viewed from just the right angle. Created by display engineering firm Daktronics, the LED-laden structure measures 32 feet long by 18 feet wide, and extends 4 feet deep. Its pixels are spaced at 6mm, enough density to give a convincing video effect. As impressive as it is, it’s not the biggest or most-dense display they’ve built for the SLS hotel — that one is the 88-foot-tall SLS sign that stands outside the casino, beckoning all to come try their luck inside its halls.

Glowing Caterpillar for Electric Daisy Carnival

Commissioned by Insomniac Events, Todd Moyer Designs' caterpillar employs four HD projectors, each stationed 100 feet away, to "illuminate the sculpture while software tracks rotation and renders graphics in real-time." The result is a giant, interactive creature that serves to separate everyday existence from festivalgoing through stellar sights you won't be able to find anywhere else.

Digital Magic Carpet Covers the Floor of an Italian Castle

Miguel Chevalier’s Magic Carpets: an interactive digital animation of medieval tapestries mixed with psychedelic colors and waves, projected from above onto the castle’s octagonal floor. “This world of colors and shapes in movement takes us, as in a giant kaleidoscope, on an imaginary, poetic voyage,” describes Chevelier. Music by Jacopo Baboni Schilingi complements the imagery, creating the auditory experience of entering a futuristic void.

Transparent Displays Tech

Tech from Korean company Mediafront has produced video displays that are completely transparent. Demonstrated with commercial possibilities such as vending machines and refridgerators, it is easy to see how this tech can be used for new media art. Here are some short videos of the tech in action - the first two were taken by my new favorite Japanese tech blogger, Kyoko Omi: