Transparent Displays Tech

Tech from Korean company Mediafront has produced video displays that are completely transparent. Demonstrated with commercial possibilities such as vending machines and refridgerators, it is easy to see how this tech can be used for new media art. Here are some short videos of the tech in action - the first two were taken by my new favorite Japanese tech blogger, Kyoko Omi: http://prostheticknowledge.tumblr.com/post/99756057691/transparent-displays-tech-from-korean-company

The m wall system is a permanently installed interactive media wall, consisting of 20 Full HD displays and a dedicated client-server system (11 computers). On the one side, a powerful in-house development tool for interactive installations, it can also be used to simulate and playback large format video content.

The system offers endless possibilities in the fields of generative and reactive content creation. External live feeds such as twitter, video streams and picture content from the web can be embedded into the content. The m wall system can be controlled through various interfaces, such as, e.g. iPads, Kinect Motion Control, or classic show control systems. Source

Antarctic Syndrome on Mighty-Touch™ Wall. On July 1-2, the Lavra gallery in Kiev hosted a photo exhibition called Antarctic Syndrome, featuring the works of Nokian Tyres Ukraine director Igor Bogdanov. For the first time ever three Mighty-Touch™ Wall worked as a single seamless interactive screen which not only displayed the unique photos, but also allowed visitors to share them on Facebook or email them directly from the wall. Due to modularity of Mighty-Touch™ Wall any number of walls can combined into a signle panorama, leaving a free choice of an angle between the walls and thus allowing for interesting design solutions. Source

AUDI CITY: The dealership of the future. Audi City London is a groundbreaking dealership experience delivered by one of the most technologically advanced retail environments ever created. The digital environment features multi-touch displays for configuring your Audi vehicle from millions of possible combinations. Your personalized car is visualized in photorealistic 3D using real-time render technology, making the Audi City vehicle configurator the most advanced in the world. After personalizing your Audi, you can toss your vehicle onto one of the floor-to-ceiling digital “powerwalls” to visualize your car configuration in life-size scale. From here, you can use gestures to interact with your personalized vehicle, exploring every angle and detail in high resolution using Kinect technology.