Telestron, an immersive lighting experience and installation

As a lover and creator of interactive light installations the opening of Telestron did not disappoint. Forward thinking, experiential, but a symbolic glimpse into our future. The dark symbolism you realize in the moment as you watch two robots, interact with each other and the crowd. Shining light directly into the crowd as if to almost judge humans as we all looked up to what is going to be our future.

Show currently on display in DTLA.

Downtown Sydney Transformed by Light

Downtown Sydney Transformed by Light for Vivid Sydney Sydney projection light exhibition

Downtown Sydney Transformed by Light for Vivid Sydney Sydney projection light exhibition

Downtown Sydney Transformed by Light for Vivid Sydney Sydney projection light exhibition

Downtown Sydney Transformed by Light for Vivid Sydney Sydney projection light exhibition

Downtown Sydney Transformed by Light for Vivid Sydney Sydney projection light exhibition

Downtown Sydney Transformed by Light for Vivid Sydney Sydney projection light exhibition

Downtown Sydney Transformed by Light for Vivid Sydney Sydney projection light exhibition

Starting tonight through June 9th, the city of Sydney is hosting an annual exhibition of light and music calledVivid Sydney. Dozens of light sculptures and projections will be viewable throughout the downtown area as well as in the Sydney Harbor in an event that is completely free to the public. Looks like a lot of fun. See more on their website and over on Facebook.

Ice Angel blends the act of youthful playfulness when creating snow angels with modern digital manipulations,making the viewer assume the role of both performer and portrait subject.

As the user moves their arms a new wing shape appears, unfurling from the shoulders, moving and displacing virtual snow. The wings are created dynamically and are linked to the participant. The artwork has a ‘memory’, capturing a hidden view of the participant and their angel wings, and this specific angel identity remains linked to that participant in any future encounters with the artwork.

The merging of angel mythology and the natural phenomenon of light travelling to earth creates an intriguing intersection. In modern terms, light is our messenger, allowing us to view the universe. An angel’s form is inherently human, yet an angel always originates from beyond. Source

Intersection, an Interactive Lighting Sculpture. The SXSW 2014 Festival and Conference commissioned Houndstooth Studio to build a series of light sculptures for the Official SXSW Interactive Opening Party and the Eco Light Garden at Republic Square Park.

Intersection is a set of three steel framed, LED lined sculptures featuring overlapping geometric shapes. Visitors can interact with the sculptures at a podium equipped with a Leap Motion sensor. A single hand gesture over the infrared sensor allows users to control the colors, patterns and animations on the sculptures.

Houndstooth partnered with TouchTo for the development of a custom HTML5 application that generates real-time content animations based on user’s hand gestures and Art Seen Alliance assisted with the fabrication or the sculptures. Source

Magic Carpets over sacre coeur in morocco. ‘magic carpets 2014′ by french artist miguel chevalier is an interactive light display spread out across the floor of the former sacré coeur church in casablanca, morocco. covering it with a huge layer of light, the work references the world of biology, microorganisms, and cellular automata – as cells have the ability to multiply in abundance, divide and merge at different paces. pieces come together, fall apart and transform in shape at rapid speeds. the displayed organic universe mingles with a digital construction of overlapping pixels. Source

Responsive ‘Hexi’ Wall Ripples and Wobbles Based on Nearby Motion

Responsive Hexi Wall Ripples and Wobbles Based on Nearby Motion interior design interactive

Responsive Hexi Wall Ripples and Wobbles Based on Nearby Motion interior design interactive

Responsive Hexi Wall Ripples and Wobbles Based on Nearby Motion interior design interactive

Based in Canada, designer Thibault Sld explores the realm where “geometry, light, mechanisms and interaction collide,” by creating interactive displays and lights that respond to exterior input. One of his most captivating ideas is Hexi, an interactive array of 60 hexagonal modules embedded with mechanical servos that use data from a nearby depth camera to physically respond to nearby motion. It would be amazing to see an entire room or hallway covered in something like this. You can learn more over on his website, or watch the video above to see it in motion. Source

Jim Campbell’s Sculptural LED Light Installations. Artist Jim Campbell details the inspiration and custom electronics behind his new series of light installations currently on display at Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery in New York City. The exhibition ranges from LED panels that project ultra low-resolution Kodachrome home movies, to topographic LED sculptures created from transparent, molded resin. Source

Ocean Park Jelly Fish Pavilion Interactive Projection. Making use of Unity3D engine, Fatty successfully brings interactivity onto 3D stage to take a closer look the one of the most beautiful creatures in the world.

Apart from more realistic and splendid visual quality, it also applies better physic simulation to each of the 16 Sea Jelly.

Museum visitors can learn about the properties of the Sea Jelly with the two mutli-touch screens installed in the middle of an 8m x 2.5m projection. In the meanwhile you clicked on the screen, a huge version of your selected sea jelly will swim up on the projection, letting you look at them in real close.

Papercut Light Boxes by Hari & Deepti

As part of this year’s SCOPE NY art show, Black Book Gallery presented stunning hand cut paper works by artists Hari & Deepti. The creative couple, based out of Denver, Colorado, each brings to the table different skill sets. Hari, whose full name is Harikrishnan Panicker, is a trained graphic designer and illustrator while Deepti Nair specializes in paper cut art. After experimenting with paper cut shadow boxes in 2010, they started to incorporate light to their works. Now, they’re known for their unique style of adding flexible LED strip lights to their intricate papercut pieces.

"Paper is brutal in its simplicity as a medium," they state. "It demands the attention of the artist while it provides the softness they need to mold it in to something beautiful. It is playful, light, colorless and colorful. It is minimal and intricate. It reflects light, creates depth and illusions in a way that it takes the artist through a journey with limitless possibilities.”

“What amazes us about the paper cut light boxes is the dichotomy of the piece in its lit and unlit state, the contrast is so stark that it has this mystical effect on the viewers.”

Black Book Gallery website
Photos via [HiFructoseBlack Book Gallery]


MegaFaces: Kinetic Facade Shows Giant 3D ‘Selfies’. MegaFaces is a kinetic facade conceived by Asif Khan and engineered by iart. It can transform in three dimensions to recreate the faces of visitors to Khan’s pavilion, a 2,000 m2 cube situated in the Olympic Park in Sochi during the 2014 Olympic Games. This video was taken during commissioning, shortly before the opening of the pavilion on 7 February 2014. The project was commissioned by MegaFon. Music: Arthur Carabott. Source

Flourish is a 70-foot long site-specific artwork commissioned by the Liberty Mutual Group for the corporation’s headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts. This unique piece combines MacArthur Fellow Camille Utterback’s signature interactive installation work with a new display method – projection onto multiple layers of custom glazed and sandblasted glass.

Flourish consists of seven double-layered 5 by 8 foot glass panels, three of which are interactive. As viewers walk by the interactive panels, projected elements that correspond to the glass design react to viewers’ presence and location – colors splash across the background, a tree grows leaves, or releases them to float on the wind.

For this installation, Slanted Studios shot custom ink footage to match the organic feel of the paint and glass. Our custom programming triggered both the ink texture library and generated the growing and falling leaves. Mapping allowed for any of the projected elements to appear within or behind any layer of glass. Source

Sensebellum @ The Capitol Hill Block Party 2013. Returning to the urban theatre centered around 10th and Pike on Capitol Hill just outside of downtown Seattle was something we look forward to each year here at Sensebellum - this is The Capitol Hill Block Party. Building off of the last year’s experience, it was thought best to really fill out the space and expand the architecture with a live video feed from the stage mixed with tight fitting 3D animations across 2 buildings and 4 stories. See what happens when you mix 6 city blocks, the senses, 15,000+ people, 100+ bands, and our new media techniques in this summer blockbuster video recap. Source

All of the frames were shot using Canon 500D and EFS 18-200 f/3.5-5.6 with 5 to 10 seconds of interval. I hope that I can improve the technique from this exercise, and I’m planning to do another time lapse project for Vivid 2014. Vivid Sydney is an annual light festival that are held in several places throughout Sydney CBD during winter. From 6 PM until midnight, famous tourist attractions in Darling Harbour and Circular Quay are transformed into spectacular light installations, some of them are also interactive. The iconic Sydney Opera House, Museum Of Contemporary Art, and Customs House are transformed into a giant canvas, where artists use video mapping projections to make the buildings ‘alive’. Dancing fountains are also installed in Darling Harbour, which occurs every hour. Source